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About Us
MNI (formerly known as Manufacturers' News, Inc.) is the nation's oldest and largest compiler and publisher of industrial directories and databases. Our flagship publication, the Illinois Manufacturers Directory, dates back to 1912. Over the years we have expanded our data research on a national scale. Today MNI is the leading source for information profiling U.S. manufacturers... the largest purchasing group in America, spending more than $8 billion annually.
We offer the most in-depth company profiles.
Our 80-person editorial research team scours trade journals, newspapers, financial reports, websites, social media & RSS feeds, and hundreds of other sources to pinpoint every manufacturing establishment in the U.S. Each manufacturer is contacted multiple times annually to ensure their information remains up-to-date and complete. In total, more than two million pieces of mail are sent, one million phone calls placed, and three million emails sent to ensure the accuracy of our data. We discover and quickly correct the outdated information so our customers don't have to.
We go beyond the traditional single name to give you multiple contacts per company, ranging from CEO to Plant Manager. You won't find a more powerful tool to reach the executive who has the final decision-making authority. If the person is at a home office or parent company, we show that too, including contact information. So whether you are targeting the small, medium, or large manufacturers, you can bypass the gatekeeper and get right to the desired executive by name.
We can put you on a first name basis with nearly 400,000 U.S. manufacturers and their one million decision makers.
We go beyond the basics with our in-depth information. In addition to address, phone, fax, email, and website, we show year established, areas of distribution, # of employees, annual sales, square footage, and type of ownership. We list SIC and NAICS, ISO, product descriptions, brand names, and more. We cross-index other names under which a firm does business and division, parent company, and home office locations. Up to thirty facts are collected in total. Addresses are CASS+DPV certified and NCOA verified regularly. View a sample profile.
Some data providers inflate their numbers by selling lists that includes agents, reps, copy shops, and companies no longer in business. Others sell lists that are incomplete and miss many small and medium-sized plants. MNI does the careful, thorough research necessary to ensure that every manufacturing establishment is included. We also profile selected wholesalers & distributors and B-to-B services. We offer a variety of solutions to access our data, each designed to fit your unique needs and budget.
Major news portals, newspapers, and radio & TV stations report the results of our research. The Chicago Tribune has called our Illinois Manufacturers Directory the "annual report card on the state of manufacturing." Our mission is to compile and provide the most comprehensive and accurate data on U.S. manufacturers, and we take that mission very seriously.
We spend more than $3 million each year to keep our database accurate and complete.
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